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Working from home is becoming the norm for an increasing number of jobs. This is possible because the work environment for these jobs is no longer synonymous to a specific time and place. No matter where you are or which device you’re using, Office 365 makes sure you can do your job. The software isn’t only useful for those who like to work their own way, but also for those who work in teams. Collaborating is easier than ever. Are you interested in Office 365 tips and tricks? Head over to our blog!

4 helpful tips for Office 365 Planner

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Microsoft Office 365 Planner is a very useful tool – if you know how to use it, that is. To help you navigate your way through it, we’ll sum up four useful facts that will let you master the tool in no time. In this blog post you will learn about Copy plan and Copy task and how to connect Planner to Excel, Power Automate and Outlook.

5 reasons to use Microsoft To Do

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To-do lists have become a vital part of our daily lives. There are countless things we need to keep track of: social activities, work, household chores, administration... How could a list make it easier to remember everything? Well, just try Microsoft To Do.

Microsoft Teams: How do you create a private channel?

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Maybe you know that a channel in Microsoft Teams is a place where all conversations and files about a certain subject or theme are collected. All members of the Team can view this information. If you need to discuss confidential topics with just a few members, such as budgets or reorganisations, you can create a private channel to shield this information from all other Team members. 

Don't forget your status... in Skype for Business

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You’ve got a busy day ahead and you really can’t afford to be interrupted all the time. But still, people keep bombarding you with chat messages and calls and you just can’t concentrate. Sounds familiar?

MyAnalytics in Office 365: Your right hand in time management

Staf Laenen
In Office 365, the place to find your shared documents is Delve. However, you'll also find an odd man out: MyAnalytics. One click displays a screen that analyses your work performance in great detail. This applies to all programs linked to Office 365, such as your emails, calendar ... MyAnalytics: to measure is to know How much time do you spend answering, reading, writing emails? How much tim…

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