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When we say Outlook, you probably think of sending and receiving e-mails, and maybe of planning meetings as well. But did you know that Outlook can remember your entire work planning and schedule? Or that it’s also a very efficient time management tool? Read our blog posts to discover how you can get the most out of Outlook: you’ll find tips about e-mail etiquette, time management and communication via Outlook here.

From e-mail to meeting request in Outlook

Xylos Learning

E-mails are a vital part of (business) communication, but that doesn’t mean this means of communication is always the most efficient. Sometimes, you can keep mailing back and forth forever about a certain topic, while a short meeting would clear things up immediately. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to turn an e-mail into a meeting request in just one click.

Work smarter with Outlook

We recently shared three Outlook tips for managing your mailbox and agenda efficiently. Ready for more? Keep reading… 1: Converting a message into an appointment You've received an invitation to a training session with all the necessary details in the e-mail. How will you remember all that info? Convert the message into an appointment! Click on the message and drag it towards the Calendar icon…

Three Outlook tips for managing your mailbox and agenda efficiently

Save time and work more efficiently with Outlook thanks to a fresh series of tips by our Learning Consultants. Discover three powerful tips in this blog post: 1: No more endlessly typing the same bits of text. Use 'Quick Parts' Do you often use the same bits of text in your messages to communicate information to other people? If so, use the Quick Parts function to save time by inserting bits of …

Combining OneNote and Outlook

Tom Van 't Veld
OneNote offers some great possibilities during a meeting. In this blogpost I will explain how you can get the best out of combining Outlook and OneNote during a meeting. Let’s start from the following situation: you have a meeting request in your Outlook Calendar detailing what will happen during the meeting. Someone asks you to take notes and share those notes with the other participants afterw…

Outlook 2013 – search malfunctions

Tom Van 't Veld
Outlook 2013 often has an annoying problem: the search function doesn’t work properly! Since this is one of the most important tools in your mailbox, here’s a workaround that might help.  First, look up any pst-files you might have on your computer. Right click on the pst file(s) and select advanced on the general tab. Put a check in the "Allow this file to have contents in addition to the file"…

Outlook 2013: Cached Exchange Mode

Tom Van 't Veld

Outlook 2013: Cached Exchange Mode In Outlook 2013, there is a setting that keeps mails offline only for a limited period (by default 1 year). If you need to check older mails frequently, this could be a problem. To change this, go to the account settings and click on the button 'Change' after selecting your acc

How can I modify the format of my text (Caps, lowercase, …) when using the Word Mail Merge feature?

In a previous blog post we saw how to change the Date format of Word Mail merge fields. In this one I will explain how you can apply a lowercase, uppercase, … format to your text mail merge fields.

How can I modify the format of my numbers when using the Word Mail Merge feature?

In a previous blog post we saw how to change the Date format of Word Mail Merge fields. In this one I will explain how you can apply a specific Number format to your Number Mail Merge fields.

Microsoft Word: Modify the format of your dates when using the Word Mail Merge feature

Have you ever used the Mail Merge feature in Word? Normally, it works like a charm. But ever so often the retrieved dates are not formatted as they should be. Does this mean you need to discard the Mail Merge feature and input your data manually? Of course not, and here’s how you can change the format of your date mail merge fields.

The non standard way to create a Template in Outlook

For over eight years, I have been teaching Outlook, and one of the questions I often get is: "How can I create a template in Outlook?"

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