Webinar Excel: PowerPivot: much more than PivotTables

  • Course types: Custom webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour


Is an increasing amount of data supplied to you in a variety of formats? And do you have to first fill a string of columns with the vlookup function before you can create a PivotTable? Does this make your workbook too large and too slow? Do you find you are wasting time each time you have to set up your calculations in each PivotTable in exactly the same way? Would you like to be able to make calculations in a PivotTable that are not a default option? Or have you already heard a lot about PowerPivot, only you don't know how to apply it in Excel? If your answer to one or more of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then this introduction to PowerPivot is for you! In this webinar you will acquire an understanding of the main PowerPivot features compared to the standard PivotTables in Excel. You will be able to experience what you've missed out on for so long.


After completing this course you will know all about the benefits of PowerPivot PivotTables compared to standard Excel PivotTables.

Target Group

Anyone who frequently creates PivotTables


A sound knowledge of Excel PivotTables


Part 1: Multiple tables

  • Relationships between tables
  • PivotTable based on multiple tables

Part 2: Amount of data

  • Performance when dealing with huge volumes of data

Part 3: Extra functionalities

  • Defining standard calculations
  • Hierarchies

Part 4: Amount of data

  • Reusing calculations
  • Additional options compared to Excel PivotTables

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