Demo Excel: Working efficiently in Excel: Preparing and interrogating your data

  • Course types: In company
  • Duration: Half a day


Preparing and interrogating your data

To have a variety of data lists is a luxury! Often you have different data sources such as SAP or CRM. How to import data smoothly from external sources to Excel? And how to convert the data into useful information? Our trainer will answer all these questions during this two-part session. You will also learn how to filter and sort your data to retain an overview.


After this demo training:

  • you will be able to smoothly import data into Excel
  • you can create powerful analyses using PivotTables and Charts
  • your data lists, both small and large, will be well organized

Target Group

Anyone who uses Excel to process data


Thorough basic knowledge of Excel


Part 1: Converting raw data (csv, txt) to a usable Excel file (1.5 hours)

Importing your external data to Excel becomes a breeze after this session. The trainer will also focus very briefly on analysing this data using PivotTables and charts. This enables you to create powerful analyses that will impress everyone.

1. Importing data

  • Importing external sources
  • Text to columns

2. Correcting data

  • Correcting the formatting
  • Text and date functions

3. Analysing data

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Visualizing data using a chart

Part 2: Filtering and sorting in Excel (2 hours)

Do you need to quickly filter a long list only by data you want to view immediately? In this session, you will discover the power of Excel filters! We will focus in detail on the best way to filter data types and what options there are. Apart from filtering, sorting data can also be useful to add more structure. We take a look at how you can create your own lists to use for sorting.

1. Filtering and sorting

  • Horizontal sorting
  • Sorting using a list
  • Adding filters to lists
  • Types of existing filters (text, numeric, chronological)
  • Basic filters and advanced filters (colour, comparison)
  • Wildcards in advanced filters
  • Dangers of using filters

2. Text filters

  • Filtering by expression
  • Operators and conditions

3. Numerical filters

  • Operators and conditions
  • Filtering versus average
  • Top 10 filters

4. Chronological filters

  • Filtering based on current date
  • Filtering based on a specific date
  • Tips & tricks for chronological filters

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