Demo Office: Online meetings: how to go about it

  • Course types: Incompany Demo
  • Duration: Half a day


Our daily professional landscape has undergone a considerable amount of changes in recent years. More than ever before, it is important to be time-efficient and productive. With online meeting software such as Skype for Business you can have ‘life-like’ meetings with your colleagues or customers, irrespective of where they are. But how to get started? How do you overcome the threshold to have a meeting without seeing each other physically? It all starts with reliable software: Skype for Business. And how to make sure that after the meeting there is a clear summary and to-do list? OneNote is the ultimate tool of choice for this. After completing this session, taking digital notes is a piece of cake.


After this demo training:

  • You will be familiar with all options for making your meeting as efficient as possible
  • You will know the dos and don’ts of online meetings
  • You can take well-organized digital notes, and you can save, edit and share the notes

Target Group

This demo session is aimed at anyone who wants to plan a meeting efficiently and wishes to organise the notes more professionally.


Be familiar with Windows and Office.


Part 1: Online meetings with Skype for Business (1.5 hours)

By using online meeting software such as Skype for Business, you will learn how to plan a meeting with remote users, even if some of the participants are not connected to their PC at that particular time. How to share your screen with others, how to disseminate information, how to use the chat function, and all about the dos and don'ts of online meetings: you will discover all this and more... 1. Before the meeting

  • Efficient calendar management
  • Preparing files
  • Preparing and linking OneNote
  • Online meetings with Skype

2. During the meeting

  • Managing tasks and appointments

3. After the meeting

  • Sharing and consolidating notes
  • Sharing information

Part 2: Efficient note taking with OneNote (1.5 hours)

If you are looking for a suitable tool for taking, structuring and viewing notes across different ‘devices’ (PC, laptop, tablet), then OneNote offers the perfect solution! Combined with SharePoint or OneDrive, you will have all your notes close to hand, no matter where you are: in the office, in a conference room or at home. And last but not least, it is easy to share your notes with your manager or other relevant parties. 1. Introduction to OneNote

  • Launching OneNote
  • The different OneNote components

2. Basic operations

  • Writing and drawing
  • Adding additional information

3. Link to other programs

  • OneNote and Outlook
  • OneNote and Office

4. Sharing notes

  • Creating a shared notebook
  • OneNote on other devices

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