Webinar: Quick wins in Microsoft Office en Windows using shortcut keys and shortcuts

  • Course types: Custom webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour


In this session we focus on a faster way of carrying out operations on your PC. Once you are familiar with using shortcut keys, you will notice remarkable time savings. Did you know that by making less use of your mouse, you also reduce the risk of RSI or a mouse arm? So it is worth your while to spend time practising shortcut keys on your keyboard.

In addition to shortcut keys, we have also selected those shortcuts in Windows and Office that come in useful for every PC user when carrying out his or her daily tasks. We know for sure you will be trying them out immediately after this webinar!

Topics that are covered: shortcut keys, action buttons in PowerPoint, drag and drop options in Outlook, linking cells across multiple Excel files etc.


Part 1: General rules and tips for shortcut keys

Part 2: Windows & Internet Explorer

Part 3: Office in general

Part 4: Word

Part 5: Excel

Part 6: PowerPoint

Part 7: Outlook

Part 8: OneNote

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