Webinar Outlook: Managing contacts in Outlook

  • Course types: Custom webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour


You often need to organize meetings and invite the same group of managers. Or you may plan an event and need to communicate regularly with all the speakers. To address this situation effectively, you obviously do not need to do all the work manually, but you can simply call upon Outlook to do the work! In this session we will discuss in more detail how to use categories. A well-known function for classifying e-mails but not for classifying contacts. However, categories offer many advantages, including how to send a personalized e-mail to a particular category. You will discover all about it during this web session.


Part 1: Adding and managing contacts

  • Adding contacts from emails
  • Groups or categories?
  • Contact views

Part 2: Using contacts in Outlook

  • Connecting Outlook components
  • Calendar
  • Sharing contacts with colleagues

Part 3: Using contacts outside Outlook

  • Exporting contacts to Excel
  • Mail merge from Outlook

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