Webinar Outlook: How do I stay in control of my inbox?

  • Course types: Custom webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour


Outlook is so much more than the box that receives your e-mails. Turn Outlook into a proper tool for organizing your daily tasks. We will be discussing the use of rules, categories, folders, ... and you will be given tips on how to deal with your incoming e-mails efficiently. Finally, you will be instructed in some important time management principles, which you can apply to your personal mailbox immediately after this session.


Part 1: Following up on projects and tracking payments

  • Using quick steps
  • Working with categories
  • Working with conditional formatting

Part 2: Setting up rules and saving searches

  • Automatic rules
  • Search folders

Part 3: Setting up Outlook

  • Managing alerts
  • Setting up the calendar
  • The 4D rule

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