Demo Outlook: Ultimate productivity with Outlook

  • Course types: Calendar course / In company
  • Version: Office 2010/2013/2016
  • Duration: Half a day
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Outlook is Office’s flagship program when it comes to communication and planning. But how to optimize your use of this channel? What are the benefits of this tool and how do they contribute to saving time? During this three-part session you will learn all about email etiquette for professional users in 2016, how Outlook can also be used as a Time Management tool and how to keep your inbox organised.

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After this demo training:

  • you can communicate more efficiently with colleagues, customers, suppliers...
  • you can apply lots of time management principles to your daily practice thanks to Outlook

Target Group

Anyone who works with Outlook.


Be familiar with Windows and the basic principles of Microsoft Office - Outlook.


Part 1: Correct use of the right communication channel & email etiquette (1 hour)

Did you know that on average an employee spends a quarter of their time on replying to and processing emails? Did you know that emails often lead to miscommunication? And that the miscommunication often leads to inefficiency and irritation? Is email always the right medium to convey a message? In this session you will learn the essence of email etiquette. These rules apply to all email platforms. 1. What communication tools are available today? Which channel to use and when? 2. Importance of email etiquette 3. Email etiquette in practice: the basic rules

Part 2: Outlook, the ultimate help for your Time Management (1 hour)

Did you know that it is best to spend the first 30 minutes of your day creating your day schedule? We would like to share these and many other time management principles with you, and immediately apply them to Outlook. Get ready to be amazed at how much time you can save after completing this demo session. 1. General Time Management principles including the “4 Ds of Time Management”

2. Applying the rules to emails

  • Categorizing
  • Follow-up
  • Visualizing

3. Applying the principles to your calendar and tasks

  • Effective summary of tasks and calendar
  • Efficient calendar management

4. Sharing notes

  • Creating a shared notebook
  • OneNote on other devices

Part 3: How do I stay in control of my Inbox? (1 hour)

Outlook is so much more than the box that receives your emails. Turn Outlook into a proper tool for organizing your daily tasks. We will be discussing the use of rules, categories, folders, .... and you will be given tips on how to deal with your incoming mails efficiently. Finally, you will be instructed in some important time management principles, which you can apply to your personal mailbox immediately after this session. 1. Following up on projects and tracking payments

  • Using quick steps
  • Working with categories
  • Working with conditional formatting

2. Setting up rules and saving searches

  • Automatic rules
  • Search folders

3. Setting up Outlook

  • Managing alerts
  • Setting up the calendar
  • The 4D rule

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  • Timing
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  • Planning

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€ 255 VAT excl.
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