Power BI: New features

  • Course types: Incompany Demo / Calendar Demo
  • Duration: Half a day


During your 'Power BI: Core features' course, you discovered that Power BI is a great tool for processing, reporting and sharing data with colleagues. Since then, however, Microsoft has not sat still. Almost every month, a new version of Power BI becomes available. Did you know that Microsoft released more than 150 updates to Power BI Desktop last year? These updates are not just bug fixes, they also include some new features. Thanks to these new features it is easier to load, process and transform data. And they give you extra options to better model and/or to create a meaningful report in a more user-friendly way.

Are you up to date with all these new features in Power BI? Or can you no longer see the wood for the trees? Don't panic, our Power BI experts are closely monitoring all the latest innovations. They have identified the most important changes and new features in Power BI Desktop, and are looking forward to sharing these with you in this half-day demo session.

The updates for Power BI Service, Power BI Embedded, Power BI Report Server and Power BI Mobile are not covered in this demo.


In just half a day, you will be up to speed on all the new capabilities that Power BI Desktop has to offer.

Target Group

Participants in the 'Power BI: Core features' (1 and/or 2) program who want to keep up with last year's updates.


You have completed the 'Power BI: Core features' (1 and/or 2) course.


The focus of this demo is on the latest features added to Power BI: desktop since January 2018. Expect an interactive demo, not a PC training course. Feel free to bring your own laptop, if you feel this would be useful.

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