Demo PowerPoint: PowerPoint templates: the basis for professional presentations

  • Course types: Incompany Demo
  • Duration: Half a day


How to match your PowerPoint templates to your company’s corporate style?

A unique house style with a positive image will always look good. This also applies to your PowerPoint presentations. Would you like to start using a template that is available to everyone? Then this demo training is just what you need. Once the template is ready, you can start your presentation. Creating attractive visual presentations does not need to take up a huge amount of time. Our trainer will give you some useful tips for optimizing your presentations. In this session you will learn what elements should be included in a PowerPoint template and you will learn how to convert your content into a captivating presentation in no time.


After this demo training:

  • You will be able to create a PowerPoint template effortlessly
  • You will know how to successfully import the supplied slides into your company’s template
  • You can integrate online videos effortlessly

Target Group

Anyone whose daily tasks include working with PowerPoint.


Thorough basic knowledge of PowerPoint.


Part 1: Creating a professional PowerPoint template (1 hour)

In this first part we focus on which elements need to be included in your PowerPoint template, so your colleagues have an excellent start for stunning presentations that match your company's house style. 1. Analysing the template

  • How does a template work
  • Personalised layouts and colours
  • Footer options

2. Applying a template

  • Using the template as your starting point
  • Copying slides into the template
  • Reset to Template

3. Other template options

  • Notes pages template
  • Importing a template from another file

Part 2: Pimp your PowerPoint knowledge - Tips for everyday use (2 hours)

How do I import slides I have received into my company's template? How do I integrate online videos? What is a quick way to create attractive presentations using SmartArt? What is the best way to disseminate handouts? What is the easiest way to skip slides without deleting them during shorter presentations? This session focuses on the frequently recurring tasks with regard to optimizing presentations. 1. The structure of the presentation

  • Importing slides
  • Adding an online video
  • Working efficiently with SmartArt

2. Handouts

  • Types of handouts
  • When to distribute the handouts?

3. Presentation tips

  • Presenter view
  • Built-in tips (F1)

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