Webinar PowerPoint: Create a visually powerful presentation

  • Course types: Custom webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour


Build a PowerPoint presentation with impact

Users of PowerPoint know all about it: you need to create a presentation, but one with a strong impact. Ordinary text slides are a piece of cake, but how to make a complicated concept visually comprehensible? And how to present numerical data without having to show complete tables?

During this webinar you will learn about the rules to follow in order to convey information in a visually transparent manner. We also discuss the advanced PowerPoint features, and how to use graphics to build an attractive and clear presentation.

Target Group

Anyone who regularly needs to create presentations in PowerPoint and wants to be able to do this in a visually attractive and clear manner.


Sound basic knowledge of PowerPoint.


Visual communication

  • The structure of a presentation
  • Conveying information
  • Presenting numerical data

Efficient use of PowerPoint

  • The possibilities of SmartArt graphics, images and shapes
  • Finding usable images
  • Importing information from other programs
  • Animation: Slide transitions and Custom Animations

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