Webinar SharePoint Document Management: The strengths of SharePoint in a nutshell

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  • Duration: 1 hour


SharePoint is the flagship of Microsoft. Is this technology still uncharted territory for you? Do you want to know why many companies place their documents in SharePoint instead of on a standard network drive? Do you want to know what SharePoint has to offer you and your company in terms of working together with colleagues and document management? If so, follow this webinar and you will instantly know why SharePoint is the beating heart of many companies.


After this webinar, you will know what benefits SharePoint has to offer compared to other document management technologies such as file servers, for example. This webinar is also invaluable in the context of user adoption. The better the employees are informed about the advantages of SharePoint, the easier it will be for them to make the 'change' their own.

Target Group

Employees of companies that have not yet worked with SharePoint but would like to.


The 7 strengths of SharePoint:

1. Available on various platforms

2. Content Management

3. Social aspect: working together

4. Good search function in documents and data

5. Version management

6. Security

7. Office integration

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