Skype for Business for the end user

  • Course types: In company
  • Duration: Half a day


Skype for Business offers numerous functionalities that make it possible to optimise and rationalise communications between colleagues.

Far from being a simple chat, it offers many tools such as video/audio conferencing, application sharing, organising meetings, etc. This training course covers all these functionalities.


The objective of the course is to develop the user's independence in using Skype for Business.

At the end of the course, the user will be able:

  • to create, manage an online meeting
  • to share content, videos, programs, etc.

Target Group

The users of Skype for Business.


No prerequisites needed.



  • What is Microsoft Skype for Business?
  • The advantages of Skype for Business
  • Personalising your information

Using the instant messaging interface

  • Finding a contact
  • Making your contacts list
  • Multimodal communication toolbar
  • Contacting a person by IM

Skype for Business Meeting

  • Using the chat functionalities during a Skype for Business meeting
  • Launching an audio or video call - answering a call
  • Launching an unscheduled online meeting
  • Adding a person to a meeting via ‘Drag and drop’
  • Inviting a person to join after a Live Meeting has started
  • Activating/muting the sound volume of a participant
  • Promoting a participant as a ‘Presenter’
  • Scheduling an online meeting using Microsoft Outlook

Advanced options for a Meeting

  • Personalising your Meeting options
  • Personalising access to the meeting
  • Personalising the options of the ‘Presenter’
  • Personalising the Audio/Video options
  • Sending an invitation
  • Joining an online Skype for Business Meeting
  • Online meeting with outsiders

Sharing and control

  • Sharing a program
  • Sharing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Giving control over a shared element
  • Asking for control over a shared element
  • Using a ‘Whiteboard’ page
  • Creating a survey via ‘Poll’ during an online meeting
  • Adding/viewing attached documents

Good practices and exercises

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