Word: How to use it more efficiently? (Tips & Tricks)

  • Course types: Calendar course / In company
  • Version: Office 2013/2016
  • Takes place in: Antwerp
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: € 365 VAT excl. / Cheaper course?


Always struggling for time? Do you want to work more quickly and efficiently? Then you need to enrol for this Word training course!

Is Word your faithful partner for texts and documents? And yet, you still get the feeling you’re not getting as much out of it as you could. Perhaps it seems there are possibilities in Word that would be enormously useful for you, but you’ve been letting them slip past… It’s high time for a no-holes-barred Word training course. Xylos is ready to show you everything you want and need to know to get the most out of Word!

How do I increase my efficiency and productivity? This is the question that our course is developed around. Follow our one-day training course and become a wonder at Word.

Never waste your time messing around again. And produce company documents that radiate professionalism.

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What will you learn when you enrol in this Word training course?

After our Word training course, you’ll know the programme like the back of your hand. Or possibly even better than that. You’ll be able to:

  • adjust the standard Word settings to meet your working habits.
  • give long documents a clear structure with the right functions.
  • punctuate your documents with tables as if it’s second nature.
  • develop e-mailings in a few simple steps.
  • revise texts written by your colleagues the way they should be revised: with Track Changes.

Target Group

Do you already work with Word on a daily basis? But you’re a long way from being familiar, let alone confident, with all the options? Our recommendation: enrol for our Word training course and find out just what you – combined with Word – are capable of!


Participants are expected to have a good basic knowledge of Word.


Adjusting Word settings

  • Autocorrect
  • Autoformat as you type
  • Standard fonts
  • Standard margins and paper formats
  • Templates

Professionalising longer documents

  • Adjusting, creating and applying styles
  • Creating and applying style sets
  • Navigation panel
  • Header and footer
  • Automatic Contents tables
  • Themes: theme colours, fonts and effects
  • Sections
  • Working with graphics (text wrapping, development, position, etc.)
  • SmartArt
  • Quick Parts & Building Blocks
  • Potentially: Watermarks
  • Potentially: Index
  • Potentially: Lists of graphics and illustations
  • Potentially: Foot- and endnotes
  • Potentially: Cross-referencing
  • Potentially: Hyperlinks
  • Potentially: Cover Pages
  • Potentially: Text boxes
  • Potentially: Columns
  • Potentially: Word hyphenation


  • Table styles
  • Table-to-text and vice versa
  • Rotating text
  • Adjusting table properties

Mail Merges

  • Letters
  • E-mails
  • Labels


  • Making PDF files
  • Opening and working on PDF files

Collaborative working

  • Track changes (revision notations)
  • Compare & merge
  • File comparison
  • Potentially: Co-Authoring

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Practical info

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Choose a date and location

€ 365 VAT excl.
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If you enrol several employees for the same course on the same date, you will get a discount:

  • 2 employees: 15% discount on the 2nd subscription
  • 3 or more employees: 15% discount on the 2nd subscription and 40% on further participants


Contact Inès Vansteenkiste

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