Demo Word: Preparing for your events starts with Word

  • Course types: In company
  • Duration: Half a day

In the afternoon, the training Turn your documents into a masterpiece with Word takes place.


Is organizing an event part of your job responsibilities? And do you and your colleagues use the same Word documents to prepare the event? For example the wording for the invitation, the roadmap, the quote requests, badges... Good team work is the basis of a successful event. Find out which functions in Word can help you and your colleagues in the run-up to the event.


After this demo training:

  • you will know how to use Track Changes
  • you can work optimally with others in Word
  • you will know how to send personalised emails using Word Mail merge
  • you can create badges and labels for your guests

Target Group

Anyone who organises events for their company


Basic knowledge of Word


Part 1: Collaborating on documents (1.5 hours)

In this demo session, our point of departure will be that you are collaborating on the same document with several colleagues. What is the most efficient way to do this? We will focus in detail on track changes, protecting text fragments that must not be modified, comparing different versions of the same document, protecting a document with a password, etc. Also, you will be given lots of tips to optimize the way you work in Word.

1. Where should you save the document to?

  • Shared disk
  • Forwarded emails
  • Online

2. Track changes

  • The dangers of track changes
  • The Compare function
  • Comments

3. Protecting a document

  • Protecting a document with track changes
  • Blocking text fragments

Part 2: Mail merging in 2016 (1.5 hours)

When you talk about mail merges, you probably automatically think of personalizing letters. However, in 2016, more and more we are using mail merging for personalised emailings, for example, sending confirmations to speakers or participants of an event. We also use mail merge to create badges or labels for your event, adorned with the logo or a symbol in the theme of your event. In this session, you will learn all about the tricks of mail merges, with further useful features in Outlook such as using rules, categories, etc. After this session, you will really know how to communicate professionally and without too much effort!

1. Sending a personalised email to your Outlook contacts

  • Managing your contacts
  • Mail merge

2. Creating personalised labels using an Excel list

  • Mail merge
  • Choosing labels
  • Adding a background

3. Creating a letter using data entered

  • Mail merge fields

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