Webinar Word: All about styles

  • Course types: Custom webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour


Many users consider Word to be a glorified typewriter. A pity, because the program has a lot more options that allow you to deal efficiently with documents. Word considers its styles the ultimate showpiece. Styles guarantee a uniform layout of your documents and also help you to quickly structure a document. Difficult? Just give us 60 minutes of your time and we can prove to you it’s not!


After completing this webinar you will know more about:

  • creating and customizing styles
  • how styles offer more options than just layout

Target Group

Anyone who uses Word as a tool on a daily basis


Must be familiar with the working environment in Word


Creating styles

  • Creating a style based on layout
  • Adding additional features to styles
  • The different types of styles
  • Creating a list style for your own styles

Customizing styles

  • Customizing built-in styles to match your corporate style
  • Saving styles in a Style Set

Using styles

  • Auto-numbering chapters
  • Inserting a table of contents based on styles
  • Displaying the chapter title in your header or footer

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