List of all hours worked with just one click in Excel

Heidelberg, a Dutch supplier of graphical devices, was in search of an efficient and quick way to process the hours worked and banked by their service engineers. Xylos developed a reporting tool in an Excel file.

The requirement: a reporting tool that complies with the new collective labour agreement

Previously Heidelberg had called upon our expertise for the development of a reporting tool in Microsoft Excel 2003. As a new collective labour agreement had been introduced for the sector, an update was required. In approximately five days we developed a new tool with more reporting options and an intuitive user interface.

The solution: automation of CRM data in Excel

Thanks to our reporting tool, data is sent from the CRM system to the HR department in an Excel file. The file includes a complete overview of the hours worked by the maintenance engineers, their overtime, travel time and banked hours. The HR department simply forwards the list to the external agency responsible for payroll.

The maintenance engineers also receive a monthly Excel file in their mailbox with an overview of all the hours worked. They now know immediately how many and which overtime hours they have worked or banked.

The result: huge time savings

“The Xylos reporting tool provides internal optimization and efficiency in processing the hours worked by our employees,” says Arie Van Laar, Team Leader Service Administration Heidelberg.

The reporting tool offers:

  • A button to automatically import and process the exported data from the SAP HR module
  • An Issues button that lists all deviations in the data
  • The option to e-mail an overview to employees and managers
  • The option to e-mail a file with the banked hours

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