Save time in the workplace with our Digital Coach

You can count on our Digital Coach for First Aid for Office, Excel, SharePoint...

Every day there are digital innovations that change the way you work. Our Digital Coach helps you to discover these new options and use them in the most efficient way.

Our Digital Coach will come to you and your staff with real life answers to any ‘ad hoc’ questions about Office, Office 365, SharePoint... Make the most of your business applications with a combination of these quick contact moments and short demos, webinars and traditional training.

A Digital Coach has plenty of time for you

  • He will analyse your working methods and identify ways of making them even more efficient.
  • Win time for your employees and invest it in your customers.
  • Make your IT department happy with more time for other tasks.

As required, we can set up a custom communication kit that lets employees know when the Digital Coach is accessible and how he can be accessed. Think of post cards, flyers, banners on the Intranet… Access will never go by unnoticed.

In the spotlight: First Aid with Office 365

When Engie introduced Office 365 to their users, our Digital Coach was accessible on site. Pierre was ready to answer all user questions about the new Office 365 applications. He and his Xylos colleagues are now known at Engie as the 'Flying Doctors'. They provide First Aid in the workplace to Office 365 users and guide them in learning how to optimize their use of Microsoft Office. The Flying Doctors are part of Engie’s phased plan to increase their staff's productivity. This leaves them more time to concentrate on their customers.

Read more about the Flying Doctors here

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