Xylos Ghent

WATT Factory
Vlasgaardstraat 52
9000 Ghent

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Arriving by car?

There are several parking options.

  • You can use the WATT Factory car park for free. When you’re facing the building, the driveway to the right leads to the car park behind the building. Parking here happens on a first come, first serve basis: if you’re early, you’ll find a spot. You can also double park: if your car blocks someone else’s, just leave a note with your phone number on your dashboard so that the other person can call you if they want to leave.
  • On the opposite side of the road, there’s another spacious car park. For a modest fee of 3 euros, you can park here all day.
  • If the WATT Factory parking and the parking opposite are full, you can also park alongside the road, of course. This also costs 3 euros for a full day.

Using public transport?


Depending on where you’re coming from, you can take several buses to WATT Factory. Here’s a list of bus lines and bus stops closest to the location:

  • Lijn 17 (Drongen Station - P+R Oostakker)
  • Lijn 18 (Merendree - Drongen Luchteren - P+R Oostakker)

Get off at the bus stop ‘Gent Geitstraat’. Walk down Drongensesteenweg towards the city centre. You’ll encounter Binnenweg to your right. Enter this street and simply follow the signs.             

  • Lijn 9 (Gentbrugge Groeningewijk - Mariakerke Post)
  • Lijn 14 (Gent - Drongen - Deinze)
  • Lijn 15 (Gent - Drongen - Nevele - Tielt)
  • Lijn 38 (Sint-Amandsberg Achtendries - Gent Blaarmeersen)
  • Lijn 39 (Oostakker Dorp - Gent Blaarmeersen)
  • Lijn 65 (Ursel Kerk - Zomergem - Gent Arteveldepark)
  • Lijn 67 (Eeklo PTI - Waarschoot - Zomergem - Gent Arteveldepark)

Get off at the bus stop ‘Gent Einde Were’. Cross the Carrefour Market car park and turn left immediately after you’ve passed Carrefour. Follow the road until you arrive at the water. You’ll see a bridge; cross it, turn right and keep walking. After the bend, you’ll be in Vlasgaardstraat. After the next bend, you’ll see WATT Factory to your left. To the left of WATT Factory, there’s an alley (Binnenweg) in which you’ll find the entrance. Follow the signs on Binnenweg.


Take the train to Gent-Sint-Pieters. Leave the train station on the side of the city centre. You’ve got two options here:

  • You’ll find the buses to your left. Go to platform 8 and take line 65 to Zomergem/Ursel Kerk or line 67 to Zomergem/Waarschoot/Eeklo PTI. Get off at the bus stop ‘Gent Einde Were’.
  • To your right, you’ll see platform 19. Take line 9 to Mariakerke. Get off at the bus stop ‘Gent Einde Were’.