If you do it together, you do it better

Unlimited, secure and efficient teamwork takes your business productivity to the next level – but to make this happen, you’ll need to create a workspace that meets all requirements. Have you considered implementing Microsoft Office 365‘s collaboration tool Microsoft Teams?

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Communicate clearly

 Real-time group chat communication, Teams Rooms and web conferences offer unlimited collaboration.

Boost your teamwork

Teams offers built-in access to all Office 365 apps. This means you’ve got all necessary tools with you 24/7.

Work flexibly

Do you work with external Microsoft apps and services? Add them easily.

Secure your team

Compliance standards, multi-factor authentication and data encryption: it’s all included in your Teams package.

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a teamwork hub in Office 365. This cloud-based collaboration tool offers an efficient and secure workspace that contains everything you need to work with your colleagues productively.

  Chat feature: Talk to your colleagues or boost team spirit in a group chat.

  Files: Exchange files and edit them simultaneously from one central location.

  Meetings: Have audio and video meetings or go for AI-based recording.

  Calling: Say goodbye to your current telephony system and enjoy the ultimate Intelligent Communications experience. 
  Apps & Connectors: Complete your Microsoft Teams environment with your own applications and integrations


Go for the ultimate Microsoft Teams experience

Microsoft Teams enables you to improve your operational processes considerably. But how do you get started with this solution – and how do you make sure the project will be embraced in your organisation? Our Xylos experts are here to help.

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Our recipe for success: building blocks

To guarantee a successful outcome, we go for a step-by-step approach that includes four essential building blocks.

You can implement every building block separately or combine them. We’ll be there to help you. Additionally, we’ll develop a general governance plan with a custom change plan for your end users.

Start with the technical foundation

You’ll need technical expertise to ensure a smooth user experience, optimised access management and foolproof data security.

Create self-service collaboration spaces

to give your employees access to the most modern collaboration tools for internal and external use.

Facilitate online meetings

thanks to audio, video, and content collaboration, your end users and their external partners can always collaborate live using any device, at any location.

Activate telephony

to let your employees communicate consistently through one user interface with their preferred device (e.g.: a desk phone, headset and/or smartphone).

Get your colleagues involved with our Teams Adoption Journey  

Microsoft Teams’ success hinges on your colleagues. If they don’t know how to work with the tool, how can it ever reach its full potential in your company? To help them, we can develop a five-step plan that’s tailored to your company’s needs and guides them through their Teams adventure.