Bagaar and Option together in Internet of Things


At today’s IoT Convention in Mechelen, Internet of Things agency Bagaar and Option announced that they will be joining forces. 

Bagaar will use Option’s communication technology to connect corporate technical installations to the industrial Internet. This helps industrial companies to intelligently automate analogue and digital industrial machines - in other words, to implement Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0

Option and Bagaar aim to offer an affordable way to connect every analogue or digital industrial device with the Internet, which enables companies to implement new processes such as predictive maintenance. Teaming up with Option will allow us to reach this goal quicker”, says Ludo Wijckmans, CEO at Bagaar and Xylos. 

End-to-end service

Xylos will process data from connected devices in Microsoft Azure IoT, Microsoft’s Internet of Things cloud. Based on this analysis in Azure, businesses can optimise their production processes through automated bottleneck detection, avoid unnecessary costs through predictive maintenance, and much more.

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