Brand name Inia disappears on April 1st


On April 1st, the brand name Inia will disappear from Xylos’ product range. Xylos will continue to offer the brand’s Intelligent Communications and telephony services with its own brand name. For Inia’s customers, nothing will change – except the brand name, of course.

Inia was Xylos’ telephony and Intelligent Communications brand, but starting April 1st, you’ll no longer see the name or logo in the IT company’s product range. The brand’s services will become part of a new business unit offering services for workplace management (Windows, Office 365, Citrix, security, Microsoft Intune), digital collaboration (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams), intelligent communications (Microsoft Skype for Business, Mitel, Polycom).

The new workplace

The decision to offer Inia’s services through a new business unit is Xylos’ response to the market’s evolution. The way in which companies are run has changed drastically over the last five years. Businesses are stepping out of traditional office environments because their workforce has become more mobile: employees want to work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Video, chat and other software make today’s workplace a multimedia environment, which is Xylos’ area of expertise. “By combining our services and making them complement each other seamlessly, we want to put a solid product range on the market”, says Dieter Vandenberghe.

Dieter, Inia’s General Manager, will lead the new business unit as of April 1st.

Xylos continues to invest in Intelligent Communications

Apart from the disappearance of the Inia brand name, customers won’t notice any changes. Xylos will continue to use the former Inia office in Herentals, the same team will be ready to assist you and the same offer will still be available.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our colleagues and have a look at our Intelligent Communications offer.