Team Xylos teaches children about Internet safety


On Tuesday, 22 October, Team Xylos became teachers for a day to teach fifth and sixth-grade children about the importance of safety on the Internet. Together with Child Focus, they organised an ‘Internet Safe & Fun’ prevention workshop to encourage children to use social media responsibly. “Raising awareness to let children think about their online security fits perfectly into our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy”, says Rachel Young, CSR Manager at Xylos.

No longer a headless chicken on the Internet

“Don’t be a headless chicken on the Internet!” With this motto, our Xylos experts visited several primary schools. Using practical situations on Tik Tok, Fortnite, Instagram and Snapchat, they encouraged children to reflect on their own online behaviour. The workshops were put together in a modern, interactive and fun way to engage everyone with their content as much as possible.

Unique project

“This awareness programme wouldn’t have been possible without the engagement of companies who let their employees present these workshops during their working hours, as volunteers”, Child Focus says. “Thanks to Proximus and Microsoft, who have been loyal partners of the project since 2010, Child Focus reaches over 12,000 children every year. This year, the programme is backed by two new businesses: ING and Xylos. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reach even more students and teachers.”