An overview of Xylos’ corona initiatives: from weekly webinars to a 24/7 hotline


Due to the corona crisis, normal daily life in the entire country has ground to a halt. At work, on the other hand, the show must go on. To help you, Xylos has launched some initiatives that will optimise collaboration with your colleagues while you’re working from home. Here’s a quick overview:

1. Visit our website

Visit our brand-new website for information on Microsoft Teams and Zoom. From how to filter chat messages in Teams to what you should know about licence fees: our webinars, tips & tricks, instructional videos and live blog leave no question unanswered. 

2. Ask our 24/7 helpdesk 

We’ve set up a dedicated helpdesk that’s available to everyone 24/7. Our experts will answer all your questions about homeworking.

  • How do I give my employees the necessary tools to work in the virtual world? 
  • How do I organise meetings with external providers and partners? 
  • What equipment (hardware) do my employees need? 
  • Which software licences do I need?  
  • How do I increase my network and server capacity? 
  • How do I teach my employees to work remotely?  

If you have any technical questions, we’re offering you one hour of free advice (one time only). Our hotline is available 24/7 via the phone number +32 2 264 13 02 or the e-mail address

3. Tap into the knowledge on OASE

Our online learning platform OASE makes homeworking easy for you and your colleagues:

  • Everyone can now watch our instructional Microsoft Teams videos on OASE for free on YouTube.
  • From now on, you can participate in our weekly OASE webinars about virtual collaboration. The first webinar is planned on Thursday, March 19. Click here to register.