Erwin Roels joins Xylos’ management team


Xylos’ management team welcomes a new member: Erwin Roels. He’ll also lead the Intelligent Platform Services department, which delivers ICT infrastructure and cloud services to our customers. Erwin takes over Bert Teuwen tasks and responsibilities.

Together with his team, Erwin Roels will guide our customers through their transition to new IT models and technologies and help them innovate intelligently. “We aim to safeguard our customers’ continuity, security and stability. That’s why we consequently invest in process innovation ourselves. By simplifying the IT infrastructure, we increase productivity, which allows our customers to focus more on their core activities”, says Ludo Wijckmans, CEO at Xylos.

Before he joined Xylos, Erwin was active with network security specialist Ubizen. He was also a director at IT service providers SAIT and Cheops. In these roles and as a Business Markers partner, he supported large companies during their transition from a self-managed IT strategy with hardware and software to a more sustainable ICT model based on actual usage (‘As-a-Service’).