Food Waste Award for Rekub


The Food Waste Awards are an initive of the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network. This was the first year that they were awarded. The goal of the Food Waste Awards is to put exisiting food loss reducing projects in the spotlight. 

Rekub is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing food waste. In their pop-up restaurants they cook solely with food surpluses and with their own food waste app they publicize the issue. The Rekub App was developed by IntoApps Belgium, a company started by Xylos and IntoApps Netherlands. Rekub is a location-based shopping app. Based on location, consumers can scroll through retail outlets and products. Consumers can then select the products they are interested in and pick them up in the store the same day. This prevents store owners being left with surpluses and consumers can purchase products at a lower price while reducing their ecological footprint!

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