5th Best Workplace in Belgium


We are incredibly proud to announce that we have just been placed as number 5 of the 10 Best Workplaces in Belgium by the Great Place to Work Institute. We have received this award thanks to our focus on people, grow and passion. We aim to represent hard work and fun, flexibility and freedom within the framework.

What is a Great Place to Work?

The definition given by the GPTW Institute: “organizations that perform better and have better resistance against negative external influences”.

From the employee’s perspective, they work for a Great Workplace if they trust the people who they work for, are proud of what they do and have fun at work.

From the manager’s perspective, they work for a great workplace if the origination goals are realized, employees are the best they can be and people work together as a team or a family in an environment of trust.

How did we become a Great Workplace?

To become a Great Place to Work there is a Trust Index© Survey conducted and a Culture Audit©. The survey was conducted amongst our employees in January and the culture audit is based on a paper we submitted in December. 98% of our staff answered in the survey “taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work”.

The culture audit assesses 9 domains. These allow leaders and managers to create an environment of trust. Great Workplaces realize organizational objectives by inspiring, speaking and listening. They get employees who do their best by thanking, developing and caring. They work together as a team or a family by recruiting, celebrating and sharing.

Help us in thanking our employees for their trust, efforts and motivation to deliver IT solutions that contribute to the success of your organization.