Inspire Young Graduates Program


At Xylos, we are convinced that young talent represents significant added value to an organization, which is why we are happy to invest in the Inspire Young Graduates Program.

Have you graduated recently and do you aspire to a career in the world of IT consultancy? Would you like to learn from experts who are focused and teach by using a highly practically oriented approach? Do you enjoy working with a team of young and enthusiastic colleagues towards a shared goal? Then this Inspire Young Graduates Program is definitely for you!


For a period of 4 months you will be supervised, working in a team, completing a training course and immersing yourself in studies: you will be prepared, so to speak, for real life as an IT consultant. Thanks to a broad basic package, you will be introduced to different technologies, enabling you to determine your preferred specialization: Intelligent Cloud, Mobile, IoT/Big Data, SharePoint, ... And you will take soft skills training courses, to give you confidence when starting your first projects.

In short, a TOP training program for TOP talent !


We start on 1 September 2016 through till 1 January 2017.

How to participate?

Send your letter of motivation and your CV to or call Annelies Bertels on +32 3 543 75 49.


Hereunder some testimonials from graduates who recently started at Xylos.

Testimonial from Karel Desmet (24 y/o) – Junior SharePoint Consultant

As a school leaver, the thought of working for such a professional company was extremely daunting. Thankfully, that concern was greatly exaggerated and I needn't have worried! On my first day at Xylos, I was very warmly welcomed, and everyone’s attitude to all my many rookie questions gave me great encouragement. I could not have imagined the kick-start I received, in a company with such helpful, open colleagues and so many varied opportunities.

Testimonial from Laurent Van Eesbeeck (24 y/o) – Junior SharePoint Consultant

What does it feel like to work as a youngster at Xylos? Education, diversity, supervision, and fun.

Education. Xylos invests in its youngsters, literally. As a junior, I receive 2 days a week to study the SharePoint fundamentals, with the objective to pass a Microsoft certification and to be fully operational as soon as possible. In September 2016 I will attend the 'Inspire Young Graduates Program'.

Diversity. Xylos has a broad range of activities: e-learning, IT training, technology setup and configuration, helpdesk, mobile apps development, cloud computing, big data analysis, and so on. There is room to tailor your career to the topics you like the most.

Supervision. The other day I got a call from my people manager saying, “Hi Laurent, it’s been quite some time since I have heard from you so I thought I’d call you and see how things are going with your projects”. I have regular meetings with him to discuss the things I am busy with and the direction I see myself in.

Fun. Xylos sponsors events that are organized on the initiative of coworkers. In the 4 months I’ve been here I’ve already played badminton and paintball, had a first aid introduction, and had an introductory Microlight flight, all organized by colleagues. Not to mention the team drinks and upcoming team karting.

There’s much more I could say about the Xylos culture, but you’ll have to visit us and find out by yourself.