What’s new at IntoApps?


Our mobile app developer IntoApps has been buzzing with activity. Have you heard the latest news about them? We’ll give you a quick overview of the key points below:

1. IntoApps into LiveWall

Our mobile app developer IntoApps takes care of all your app needs, no matter how big or small - but if you’re looking to have your website developed or set up online marketing campaigns, IntoApps is no longer the name to look for. From now on, we’ll refer to them as LiveWall in our communications regarding mobile activities (except app development for mobile or social media), as IntoApps is LiveWall’s Belgian subbrand.

2. IntoApps is moving

Our friends at IntoApps are saying goodbye to their office on Noorderlaan, Antwerp. Going forward, these innovative developers will join our colleagues at Bagaar in their office in Berchem, Antwerp.