Xylos Group introduces its new CEO: Ludo Wijckmans


Ludo Wijckmans is the new CEO of Xylos, AXE Group’s ICT branch. He will help shape Xylos’ growth by expanding the company’s services in the French-speaking part of Belgium and Europe through acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Ludo Wijckmans is also the managing director of Oksalys, the holding company that encompasses Xylos and IoT agency Bagaar. He’ll also be the chairman of Bagaar’s executive board.

Xylos Group’s new CEO Ludo Wijckmans helps the company grow through innovation and strategic partnerships

Ludo Wijckmans will draw on his extensive experience with start-ups, scale-ups and international businesses to develop Xylos’ ambitious plans: “Over the last few years, the Xylos Group has expanded successfully through autonomous innovation and targeted acquisitions. Our digital creative business Bagaar, for example, has become a crucial part of our innovation strategy for clients. Thanks to developments such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 3D modelling, businesses are presented with countless innovation and automation opportunities. Turning these opportunities into guaranteed success stories requires a combination of operational excellence and innovation. Xylos Group helps its clients’ ideas evolve into concepts and then into products, which means the company has a unique market position. As a multi-brand organisation, we’re the ideal partner for businesses looking for end-to-end solutions for their international growth strategy.”

For AXE president Christian Leysen, this focus on innovation is the key to Xylos’ success: “In the digital transformation era, the needs of the corporate world are changing, and Xylos ties into this evolution beautifully. The executive board has tasked Ludo with anchoring our market position in Flanders and improving our position in Brussels and Wallonia. Additionally, he’ll drive the company’s growth on a European level as a service provider for international businesses with decision-making powers in Belgium. With his international experience, I believe Ludo Wijckmans will lead Xylos to new heights.”

Ludo Wijckmans (57) has a degree in engineering. Until October 2017, he worked at Microsoft and held several positions in Europe: among others, he was responsible for the EMEA telecom industry and for large businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. During the past year, he has led and coached several IT start-ups and scale-ups. In 2004, he became the director of AXE Investments, the common investment company of Christian Leysen and Ackermans & van Haaren. His career at Xylos started in 1984 and lasted until 2004. In July this year, he joined Oksalys’ executive board to arrange the group’s next development phase.


About Xylos

Xylos has over 30 years of experience delivering digital solutions that contribute to the success of its clients. The company gives strategic advice about digital transformation and develops, installs and manages IT systems, personally coaching users during the process. Apart from Xylos (ICT), the Xylos Group also includes Bagaar (smart products). Xylos also operates through the brands Inia (unified communications), IntoApps (app development) and Neo Learning (e-learning). In 2018, Xylos was awarded the title ‘Great Place to Work’. The company’s offices are located in Antwerp, Brussels, Herentals and Ghent.