NEO in the classroom at UC Leuven


What’s the impact of e-learning in an organisational context – and what do you as a future HR professional need to know about it? Together with our colleague Wim at NEO Learning, 37 Training & Development students at UCLL delved into this topic. The result was an interactive session full of fun facts, gamification and Napoleon candies.


When we say ‘e-learning’, what do we mean? Which aspects of e-learning does NEO Learning incorporate in its approach? Wim Van Borm, Competence Center Lead at NEO Learning, explained the details to the students in UCLL’s Training & Development programme. During this gamified interactive session, students could earn points by asking and answering questions. “The gaming elements in the session stimulated students to engage with the topic”, Wim says. 


The winner was rewarded with a mystery box. Its content? Napoleon candies! To conclude the session, the students explored new dimensions: they had the opportunity to experience Mixed Reality (MR) with Microsoft’s HoloLens.