Patrick Leysen becomes Xylos’ new CEO


On 1 January 2020, Xylos welcomes its new CEO! Founder Christian Leysen’s son Patrick Leysen will take over from Ludo Wijckmans, who stepped in to manage the company last year while directing the search for a new CEO. “I feel honoured to get this opportunity to guide Xylos into the new decennium”, Patrick says. "I'm glad that I can count on a strong, motivated management team and on Ludo Wijckmans' support. He has led our company through a transitional period and he'll remain active as an advisor in Xylos' executive committee", Patrick Leysen adds.

Focus on continuous innovation

According to his father, Christian Leysen, Patrick’s appointment is an important step in realising the family business’s growth plans. “With his innovative spirit, Patrick will definitely be a great addition to the company”, explains Christian Leysen, chairman of the AXE Group, which Xylos is part of. “Xylos’ focus on innovation is the key to the company’s success. Patrick will reinforce our position in new market segments as well as the ones where we’ve already established ourselves.”

Securing Xylos’ market position

As the company’s future CEO, Patrick is already looking forward to start his adventure at Xylos: “I want to use my experience in innovation to grow transversally. We aim to consolidate our multi-brand approach and secure our unique market position”, he says. “It’s all about combining operational excellence with continuous innovation.”