And the Valo Partner of the Year 2019 Award goes to... Xylos!


At the Valo Summit Europe in Amsterdam on Wednesday April 3rd, Xylos was not only named Valo Partner of the Year 2019, but also Valo Partner of the Year Europe 2019. “With this award, we want to thank Xylos’ experts for their dedication to our partnership, their continuous feedback and their commitment to the business as well as technical aspects of the Valo story”, Valo comments.

Xylos’ preferred partner Valo offers a ready-to-use Intranet solution based on Office 365 and SharePoint. At their annual award ceremony at the Tobacco Theater in Amsterdam, they didn’t just name Xylos ‘Valo Partner of the Year 2019’, but also ‘Valo Partner of the Year Europe 2019’. This award is an amazing acknowledgement of our years of collaboration and of the ‘Valo Journey’ Xylos has covered this year.

Focus on Valo Modern

This year, our Valo activities revolved around the product Valo Modern, a new Intranet solution that offers everything we at Xylos value highly:

  • It offers a modern workspace
  • It creates a unique user experience
  • It stimulates employees’ team spirit

From day one, we were big fans of Valo Modern. Our mission was clear: to help develop the product and join forces with Valo to jump-start it on the market. Since its launch in September 2018, 15,700 end users have fallen in love with their new Intranet.

Teaming up with AB InBev

One of these customers is AB InBev. In 2018, the brewery decided to replace its outdated Intranet with Valo’s productivity-enhancing solution, and they contracted premium partner Xylos to ensure this transition would happen smoothly for their 10,000 end users. Read the full story here.

Read more about the awards ceremony here.