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Office 365 for Business? Xylos.

Office 365 is the ultimate tool to work efficiently with customers, suppliers and colleagues. If you’re up to speed with all available tools, that is. And there are a lot of them.

And if not all employees are familiar with the wondrous world of Office 365, it’s possible that they’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities to maximise their productivity. That’s a shame.

Luckily, Xylos is here to help: if you’re looking for ways to work smarter, increase productivity and communicate more efficiently, we’re your ultimate partner.

How do we do this? With client-specific solutions.

That’s all. When your company decides to migrate to Office 365, Xylos always analyses your specific situation first. How? We take your existing IT infrastructure into account and keep your employees closely involved with the project. 

That’s why we pay extra attention to a correct and 100% successful user adoption. Because your employees will only benefit fully from everything Office 365 has to offer if they’re fully up to speed with the possibilities.

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Migrating to Office 365 in 7 steps. Together.

Do you want to evolve towards a more efficient way of working and boost your productivity? Xylos can help you from A to Z. We work with a strategic 7-step plan to make your migration to Office 365 happen as smoothly as possible. 

Migrate to Office 365? This is how we do it!

The Xylos approach: transparent, efficient and customer-oriented. 

It’s simple: Xylos focuses on the end user every step of the way. Your organisation and employees are all that matters. It’s only logical that this approach is the baseline of the entire process. We let you take centre stage, you decide how we implement technology.

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Thanks to Office 365, our employees now communicate in a more personal, confidential manner. This improves trust among colleagues, partners and with customers.

Dirk Slechten, IT Operations Manager at Carglass

About Office 365’s added value for your business

Office 365 is a marvellous bit of technology, but for Xylos, it’s all about the people who use it. After all, it’s the social aspect of Office 365 that makes it so unique: improving collaboration in teams, learning to work more efficiently, communicating more effectively within the company and working more securely.

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A technically strong team is only half perfect. The other half consists of seamless, clear and productive teamwork, internally as well as externally. 

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