Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2018


Valo Partner Awards were handed out in May and recognize the contributions and successes in partnerships and highlight certain partnerships that have shown special dedication. Xylos was recognized for delivering impressive, attractive and influential Valo Intranet marketing campaigns and promotions to reach new Valo Intranet customers. We won the Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2018! Amongst other initiatives, our submission for the award included our Xylos Inspire event. 

To really create awareness for Valo’s offering, we had a personalized booth made. It featured a screen where Valo could show demo’s, promotional video’s and client testimonials. The booth was specifically placed at the entrance to the dining area and around the breakfast, lunch and reception tables to maximize the networking moments. At the end of the event, guests received a little box of chocolates with a QR code. That sent them to our virtual goodiebag where we also placed a Valo flyer. Valo personally attended the event and we had a great buzz around the booth during the day. As a result, we raised awareness of Valo amongst our clients.

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