Webinar – Microsoft Viva Insights.
Leverage insights on productivity and wellbeing.

In this 1.5 hour webinar, you’ll learn all about the hybrid workplace and the benefits of Microsoft Viva Insights. Microsoft Viva Insights combines MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics. This data will give you new productivity and well-being insights and a whole new employee experience in Microsoft Teams. These data-driven insights will enable decision-makers to initiate cultural changes that will let people, teams, and organizations focus on important things, achieve balance and enhance elasticity.

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Our keynote speakers are renowned for their passion & dedication to their craft.

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Xylos collaboration with Microsoft on Viva Insights.

As Xylos, the innovative tech leader, we knew we had to get our hands on this new product and we saw enormous potential.

The first keynote speakers are our own respectable CEO Patrick Leysen of Xylos and Didier OngenaManaging Director of Microsoft Belux/Switzerland.  They will discuss the hybrid way of working and the Modern Workplace.  We have the privilege to announce that we have Henk Ritmeester, Director of Microsoft Viva Western Europe, he’ll give an inspirational session on how Viva Insights works and he’ll answer the question “How can data lead the way to a hybrid way of working?”. And last but not least Xylos will present “How you can get started with Microsoft Viva Insights today”.

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