Webinar by Microsoft- The way forward is hybrid
Microsoft is launching Return to the hybrid office, a 3 days event devoted to illuminating the future of work, sharing thoughtful insights and compelling stories on how work is changing.

The way we work started changing long before COVID-19. Teams have been using technology to improve the ways we all collaborate and innovate for years.
In the last year, we’ve seen a global shift to remote work and today, one thing is clear: there’s still a lot to learn!
Over the years, technology has delivered thousands of ways to be more efficient. But one big lesson of the pandemic is that efficiency alone isn’t enough. We need tools that give us the flexibility to work and to equally contribute and collaborate when and from wherever we want.

Day 1: Return to the hybrid office – Resilience of your team

Microsoft focuses on how instrumental cultivating resilience and wellbeing is to enhance employee performance. We invite Prof. Elke Van Hoof, to share insights on how to stimulate human resilience and how to address the challenges on employee wellbeing following the recent shifts to a new way of working. Xylos will then present solutions that can help you manage employee performance while navigating towards a hybrid work future.

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Day 2: Does it feel like you’re in more meetings than ever? You are!

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Day 3: It’s time to get smarter about hybrid teamwork

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