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Microsoft Power Platform
Successfully automate your business.

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Xylos Microsoft Power Platform

Empower employees to build end-to-end solutions

Your organization’s applications generate an incredible amount of data. How do you ensure that these data support your business and lead to useful insights on performance? With the Microsoft Power Platform, your employees easily analyze data, develop solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents. The ultimate strength of these powerful tools? Their applicability to both simple and complex business processes.

Drive innovation, one tool at a time

The Microsoft Power Platform consists of four tools that work perfectly on their own, and reinforce each other when combined.
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Our human approach for digital success

The Power Platform’s extensive set of tools can interfere with efficient deployment. Users and organizations also underestimate the endless possibilities of the platform. So, how do you get started productively and efficiently?

We believe in a human approach. We start every project in close collaboration with our customer, and combine inspiration workshops with business alignment and technical feasibility checks. Step by step, we develop a prototype that we transform into a full-grown project with tangible results.

The Power Platform’s biggest benefits

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Product strategy

The Power tools are very accessible to people with no programming skills. However, IT employees and developers can deliver extra components for other employees to use as building blocks.

API and integration

The platform offers limitless possibilities, with over 300 data connectors (including cloud service connectors to Azure SQL and Amazon Redshift) and extensive sets of API links to Salesforce and Adobe.


The platform contains Artificial Intelligence models and components that can be implemented on the spot. That’s unseen in other automation software!

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