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Microsoft Viva Connections

The most effective way to connect and inspire your people

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Xylos Viva connections

People connect before they contribute

How many of your employees are truly in touch with each other – or with the goals of your organization? The rise of remote work has made employee engagement more challenging than ever.

With Viva Connections, you give each individual the chance to follow up on the news, conversations, and ongoing tasks that are really relevant to them. That way, you motivate them to do their part.

I want to connect my workforce.

Viva connections in 2 minutes

What is Viva Connections?

Bring your company intranet to Microsoft Teams:

Unleash all SharePoint capabilities for building and maintaining an attractive and easy-to-use intranet in Microsoft Teams. Make any site in your environment the Home Site and present it to your employees without them having to leave their collaboration tool

Get the support you need.

4 Viva-steps to a committed company culture

Respect the workflow

You inject your intranet and SharePoint capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Your employees stay informed and focused within the ultimate collaboration tool.

Spread the news

You target and schedule individual news feeds. Your employees stay in touch with the organization and everyone’s contributions.

Spark interest

You streamline the information that helps, inspires, and empowers. Your employees get easy access to custom dashboards. No time wasted.

Deploy quickly and safely

You don’t waste time, energy and money but you simply use your existing infrastructure. You and your employees are backed by world-class security.

Connect exponentially with Xylos and Valo

At Xylos we have all the cards in hand to take your employee engagement journey to another level. As an award-winning Valo Premium Partner we can complement Viva Connections with the unique Valo Connect features.

Tell me more about Valo Connect


  • Any number of SharePoint sites 
  • Multiple personal apps per tenant 
  • Fully multilingual 


  • Role-based and personal views and access 
  • Custom tab-based navigation 

Look & feel

  • Hide SharePoint and Valo Intranet features to fit the purpose of the app 
  • Branding on app level 

Community event - 17/10/2023
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