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Are you ready for better meetings?

Many organizations have a meeting culture that is bursting at the seams. Long and crowded meetings cost a lot of money in working hours alone and often have a negative impact on the well-being of employees.
How can you, as a manager, guide your organization to a place with fewer meeting hours and more time to focus? How do you handle that?

You’ll find it out in this interesting whitepaper by Renaud Dejonghe, Change Consultant.

Author(s): Renaud Dejonghe, Change Consultant

5 reasons to connect your telephony with Microsoft Teams

In many organizations today, Microsoft Teams is the gateway for interaction between colleagues, partners and even underlying systems. Some organizations were already shifting to a Teams platform approach, whilst others were still considering Micrsoft Teams as a nice to have.
Collaboration shifted from filesharing over SharePoint to being integrated in MS Teams.
One last element that is still being seen as standalone ecosystem is the telephony system. However it could be useful to consider integrating telephony and contact center in Microsoft Teams.
This whitepaper gives you 5 reasons to do so.

Author(s): Pieter Ardinois, Business Development Manager

Make Zero Trust work for your organization

Two years ago, the global pandemic compelled nearly every organization to accelerate the digital transformation, forcing the re-examination of traditional security models.
In search for business agility, optimal user experiences, and protection of data, many organizations are implementing Zero Trust strategy.

This whitepaper is your practical guide to implementing The ‘never trust, always verify’ model, allowing your organization hybrid working anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

Author(s): Bart Van Vugt, Secure Workspace Lead – Architect

Get a taste of Microsoft Viva

Join us during our next insightful webinar, and get a taste of all four flavors of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform and ecosystem.

Date & time: 29 March 2022 | 10h to 12h (UTC+1), via Teams
Speaker: Pieter Ardinois, Business Development Manager
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The future of Unified Communications…

… from fixed phone to augmented reality.

Date & time: 20 April 2022 | 09:00 AM (UTC+1)
Speaker: Pieter Ardinois, Business Development Manager

Confide in Zero Trust for Microsoft 365

Let’s discuss the safety of your hybrid working environment from a Zero Trust perspective.
Together we will make your hybrid working environment safe!

Date & time: 21 April 2022 | 11:00 AM (UTC +1)
Speaker: Bart Van Vugt, Secure Workplace Lead – Architect
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Are you interested in Viva as an Employee Experience platform and would you like a free consultation with one of our experts?
Would you like to learn more about what Viva Learning, Insights, Connections and Topics can do for your organisation?
In a one-hour meeting, we will guide your decision-makers through the four pillars of Viva and zoom in on the items that might be of interest to your organisation.