Cyber Security Escape Game

Cyber criminals are here to stay
Arm your employees to fight back

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Boost your employees’ cyber secure behavior

The bad news: cyber criminality is here to stay. The good news: you can arm your employees to spot risks and keep out hackers. But how?
Our Cyber Security Escape Game takes your employees on an adventure into hacker territory, increasing cyber security awareness along the way. Educational ánd fun, all in one go.

Boost engagement

The game intrinsically motivates players to learn more about the real risks of hackers and their subtle attempts to deceive their victims.

Designed by experts

Our Cyber Security Escape Game has been developed by security experts and digital learning pros, joining forces to deliver the best possible experience.

Awareness training

Your employees go on a captivating adventure that not only raises awareness on possible dangers, but also teaches them how to react to actual threats along the way.

Gamification & storytelling

Through immersive storytelling and motivating gamification, your employees are faced with realistic situations. The goal? Outsmarting the hackers with their knowledge on cyber security risks.

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Complete the challenge

Your employees go on a collaborative adventure that allows them to master the tool instantly. When they reach the finish line, users know how to:

  • navigate smoothly between different channels and teams;
  • have quick conversations in the chat window and during online meetings;
  • collaborate in documents;
  • switch effortlessly to integrated apps like OneNote and Planner.

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