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The massive shift towards a hybrid digital workplace faces organizations with interesting challenges and big opportunities to explore. With Extended Reality, a combination of ARVR, and MR, you bring professional collaboration, operations, and learning to a whole new level. 

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We’re not the only believers in this innovative technology. Leading tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are currently on the fast track to develop Extended Reality applications.

Need proof? These numbers speak for themselves.

Growth rate

Research has shown that between 2021 and 2028, the compound annual growth rate will be around 44%.

Source: Grandview Research

Drive in ROI

62% of respondents to an IDC survey said service-based AR experiences drive measurable return on investment (ROI).

Source: IDC

Increased spending

Worldwide spending on AR and VR is forecast to accelerate to a 54% increase.

Source: IDC

Intelligent Remote Assistance
Simple and intuitive remote collaboration for frontline workers.

Our Intelligent Remote Assistance solution has been developed for organizations with blue- and white-collar frontline workers. It introduces automation, improves remote collaboration, augments intelligence and enhances safety and ergonomics. Intelligent Remote Assistance reimagines the future, modernizing your organization’s daily workflow.

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