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InviQta by Xylos.
Cybersecurity succeeds or fails with people. Build your human firewall.

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New ways of working – New ways of attacking – New ways of protecting

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, employees worldwide have been adapting to unprecedented situations. It has also impacted the way they approach cyber security. Research shows that +80% of successful cyber security breaches start with human error. No wonder cyber criminality is at its peak.
With InviQta you involve everyone. During a 1 year-campaign you (re)develop cyber secure employee behavior that lasts. Time to raise your security awareness to a master level, now!

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Baseline test

To measure is to know. At the start of the campaign, we identify the greatest weaknesses and start to tackle the issues.

Awareness training

We engage your employees thanks to storytelling. We motivate them to recognize and report security threats with a dedicated button in their mailbox.

Competence training

We sharpen up knowledge with microlearning courses and phishing simulations so they learn to deal with it in a safe-but-real context.

Master level training

We further optimize learning in the flow of work with master level courses and phishing simulations.

Why choose InviQta?

InviQta is the result of a tight collaboration at Xylos between the company’s IT and security experts and (digital) learning consultants. Unlike other cyber security solutions on the market, it incorporates expertise from both fields.

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Meet the friendly Mr. Phisher!
Mr. Phisher challenges and supports your employees throughout the campaign.

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0% worries / 100% follow-up

As an IT-manager, Security Officer or CEO, you’ll inspire all your colleagues to actively engage with the campaign. Thanks to our approach, your workload is reduced to the absolute minimum. Out of less than 15 hours of your time you get a powerful, customized one-year campaign. Along the way, a Xylos’ InviQta campaign manager monitors everything, from A to Z.

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Gamification & Storytelling

Mr. Phisher is a friendly hacker character that challenges and intrinsically motivates all users to be cyber secure.

Learning in the flow of work

Short interactive microlearnings are available at all time and are directly prescribed when users fail to recognize simulated phishing.

One-year campaign & Reporting

InviQta is no one-shot effort, but a durable campaign. Quarterly reporting features clear, instructive insights to move on from there.

Behavior focused

InviQta translates awareness to secure behavior. Users get the clear objective to avoid and report phishing with a practical button in their mailbox.