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So you thought you were signing up for a free masterclass, did you? Well, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We fooled you with an innocent phishing attempt. This time, you got away easily. But please be aware that hackers and cyber criminals are lurking behind every corner. Protect your data and stay alert for cyber security risks.

With Mr. Phisher’s five ultimate tips, you’ll spot fishy e-mails and malicious software from a mile away.

Always check the link

No https? No clicking! Avoid unsafe webpages at all costs, and certainly don’t click links that don’t match the site you are visiting.

How smart is your phone?

I will say this only once: please update your smartphone’s software immediately! Because your mobile device is a favorite hacker target too.

Trust no one, not even big brands

Do not – I repeat – do not share any sensitive information like passwords or pincodes through email or phone, even if the request is coming from a well-known brand.

Return to sender, address unknown

Don’t know the sender of an e-mail? Don’t expect a message with a strange attachment from someone you know? Ding ding ding, your alarm bells should start ringing.

From password123 to pAS$w0rD87*55

Strong passwords are unique, are long and complex (at least 8 characters) and contain uppercase and lowercase letters as well as special characters and numbers.

InviQta by Xylos.

Cybersecurity succeeds or fails with people. Build your human firewall. InviQta is the result of a tight collaboration at Xylos between the company’s IT and security experts and (digital) learning consultants. Unlike other cyber security solutions on the market, it incorporates expertise from both fields.

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Cybersecurity succeeds or fails with people. Build your human firewall.


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