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The workplace has entered a new era, beyond the firewalls of your organization. Security standards need to move on as well. Imagine a crystal clear and fully patched IT landscape, where tickets and worrying about shadow IT or data leaks don’t dominate your workload. We’ll get you there.

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Identity-Based Security

Beyond your network, identity is the new security perimeter. We operate at the pinnacle of multifactor authentication technology. 

Threat Protection

From e-mail-, to website- and download activity to antivirus protocol: we single out threats or glitches before they turn into danger.  

Device Management and Security

We control and secure your devices and applications in the cloud. That includes shadow-IT apps and any personal devices too. 

Data Protection

We protect beyond devices and applications. If confidential data find a way out of your network, we trace them down and block access. 

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We assess

We determine your security baselines: from your devices, and data to digital identities and people.

We manage

We implement modern workplace security and guarantee resilience. Our adoption specialists help with end-user compliance.

We improve

Our managed services guide your IT to sharpen up procedures and policies through built-in intelligence and experience.

Self-service your workforce deserves

The Secure Modern Workplace is not only secured to the bone. It also offers your organization unparalleled flexibility and productivity. Thanks to self-service capabilities, end-users don’t need to endlessly burden your IT-staff with tickets or requests. And of course, our change and adoption coaches are at their disposal as well.

Feeling insecure? Confide in the ‘Zero Trust Principles’

As the IT landscape keeps evolving, cybercriminals have new corners to lurk around every day. Therefore, the Secure Modern Workplace by Xylos follows the three ‘Zero Trust Principles’.
They apply on six levels: Identity, Device, Apps, Data, Network and Infrastructure.

Explicit verification

We authenticate users through various data points: identity, location, device health, data classification, etc.

Least privilege

We reduce access rights to the ultimate minimum required for their work, even for IT staff.

Assume Breach

We minimize the damage of a hypothetical breach, e.g. end-to-end encryption. We use analytics to get visibility, drive threat detection, and improve defences.

Microsoft certifies our security expertise

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