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The modern workplace hub by Xylos
You can be the chef in this hybrid kitchen of working at home and at the office.

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A place where employees feel at home

  • A modern workplace that puts the work experience of every employee at the centre
  • Fast access to reliable information
  • Digital coaches that make employees feel comfortable
  • Platforms and tools for e-learning
  • Support in the transformation of the trusted to a digital workplace

Technology & Tools

  • ICT infrastructure, connectivity and security
  • Productivity and collaboration tools
  • Applications for measuring productivity and collaboration in real time
  • Digitized & Simplified Procedures
  • Customized hardware for every work need


  • Jointly developed roadmap for the near and distant future
  • Focused on collaboration, according to the new way of working
  • Flexible structure that allows innovative adjustments (API economy)
  • Finger on the pulse of new technology such as IoT, AI and ML.
  • Technology is great but you have to consider a future-proof workforce.

An unburdened workplace

  • Managed services: carefully outsource business processes so that you can focus on what really matters
  • A digital workplace that you can scale and standardize
  • A guaranteed and transparent set-up, in terms of costs, maintenance and service level agreement
  • the reliability guarantee of Xylos

Our approach is as followed

1. Roadmap

The most suitable route for you and your company? That’s customization. Together we determine the short and long-term objectives of a project that perfectly matches your needs.

2. Projectmanagement

Ensuring that your employees and customers not only use the technology offered, but also acquire the necessary expertise. That is what we understand by change management.

3. IT Support

POWER, that’s our service desk of the future. With specialized IT staff for each package, we deploy experience in the right place. In this way, not only your users are supported, but your IT employees as well.

The future of work: a smart, secure, flexible, and hybrid workplace.

With the pandemic being an unexpected accelerator,  remote working has definitely settled in with the bigger audience. Supported by the appropriate technology, employees can continue working on their projects and tasks with the same or even better efficiency but now without the fixed office environment. 

A secure modern workplace uses the right technology stack for meetings, training, and sharing data via a hybrid cloud environment. All the information is secured in 1 location. 

Together we can work on the Modern Workplace of Tomorrow.

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