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Windows Virtual Desktop
The most flexible and secure remote workplace for your organization

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Xylos Windows Virtual Desktop

Challenge: staying productive and secure, always

For many employees, home is the new office. In fact, today any place is their potential office. But you might wonder how any place could possibly be as productive and secure.

How do your users securely access corporate data, even when they are using a personal device?

How do they all access the exact applications they need to perform, even when they are using different operating systems?

Solution: Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

It delivers a complete Windows experience to your end users on practically any remote device. It brings all the benefits of a traditional physical desktop… combined with unparalleled flexibility.

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Some key benefits


Windows Virtual Desktop is a cost-effective solution for compute and storage. Less costs and resources go to managing on-premise infrastructure. With multi-session Windows 10 you connect multiple users to the same host.

Flexible management for IT

You quickly and easily manage and scale access to data and apps in function of peak and off-peak times. Also, you easily migrate existing Windows Server (RDS) desktops and apps.

Top user experience & productivity

Employees will be just as productive as they are with a physical workstation and doubly empowered thanks to the virtualized experience on a computer, phone or tablet.

Built-in security

Windows Virtual Desktop keeps your organizational data away from the user’s device. It allows for secure sign-on with multi-factor authentication and role-based data access.

Xylos simplifies the deployment and automates the lifecycle

Xylos will set up appropriate tooling to provide a consistent approach for testing and deploying Windows Virtual Desktop and its components. We use ‘Infrastructure as a Code’ for the deployment and management of Windows Virtual Desktop images, Host Pools, Session Hosts and other related components.

This simplifies the deployment, provides a high level of automation and is fully integrated with Azure. The tooling automates the full lifecycle of the Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

Try the Xylos Managed Services!

After the deployment, Xylos is happy to provide you with an array of additional services that will help you get the maximum out of your Windows Virtual Desktop. Below you find a glance at some of our premium services.


  • Central monitoring (monitoring and alerting)
  • Compliance monitoring


  • Management of the Windows Virtual Desktop environment
  • Operating system license management (when applicable)


  • Monthly patching of the Virtual Desktop image


  • Incident handling
  • Functional and technical advisory

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