Xylos 💛 its people

People are essential to shaping our story. We choose to have an inclusive working environment, based not only on personal values but also on the belief that diversity makes us stronger as a company. The Xylos values – Diversity, Respect, Innovation, Vision, and Entrepreneurship – and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) inspire us to do even better in the future.

Our team is the foundation on which we build the company.

Xylos 💚 planet

Ecology is becoming increasingly important in the IT-sector and we are aware that we can play a vital pioneering role. We follow the mantra “Reduce, reuse, recycle”, not only when it comes to our customers’ IT solutions but in-house as well. While we may not be perfect, we are actively thinking about sustainable ecological alternatives. We encourage our colleagues, partners and customers to join us in this effort and to invest time and resources to do even better in the future.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Xylos 💜 partners

One of the Sustainable Development Goals that is very important to us is the Partnership Goal.
Our partners are essential in our story. By working closely with our suppliers, we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions, ensuring there are no unnecessary add-ons that in turn create additional consumption. Together with our partners, we search for the most sustainable alternatives and the best possible solutions. Only by working together can we succeed in making real progress.