Xylos Set of Values

Let’s work together to make sure our space is something we value and others will value too.

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. These are our values, they make us who we are. Because we have a DRIVE to do things our way.

Different is good

We strive for inclusiveness because diversity is what enriches us. Our backgrounds differ based on education, expertise, gender, age, culture or religion. Those differences bring added value to our company and our team. One thing is for sure: whoever you are, Xylos is a stable haven for talent.

Respect over ego

We encourage and support each other to become the best version of ourselves. How? By nurturing both a sustainable work ethic as well as a collaborative aspiration for a sustainable planet. We reward commitment and contribution to our success. We commit to our goals and expect others to do so as well.

Innovation is our core

We strive to innovate and give that goal our constant attention. We dare to question ourselves and our objectives. By actively aiming for the best solution and learning as we go. That demands a flexible approach, innovating both through external sources like technology and internal sources like insights and knowledge.

Visualize tomorrow

Each of us brings his or her unique vision to the table. Not the same, but complementary. We lean on each other to pave the way for the future of our company. Together, we define our approach for technology and adoption.

Everyone in charge

We foster a culture of entrepreneurship, allowing each other to take initiative. Everyone’s ideas and opportunities are worthy of attention, regardless of function or career. That’s how we stay hands-on, accountable, and pragmatic. We all build on our own growth and that of the organization, together.


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